Can You Throw Away Shingles in the Garbage? A Comprehensive Guide

December 12, 2023

When starting a roofing project, a common question is: can you throw away shingles in the garbage? This is especially important for asphalt shingles, a popular roofing material. Disposal of these shingles is not just about getting rid of waste; it's about dealing with significant environmental and legal issues. Both homeowners and contractors must know how to dispose of shingles to protect the environment and follow waste management rules.

The Concerns of Disposing Shingles

Disposing of asphalt shingles, a common roofing material in American homes carries substantial environmental implications. The U.S. produces around 11 million tons of asphalt shingle waste annually, mostly from renovation and demolition activities. This large volume of waste highlights the critical environmental issues associated with shingle disposal.

 A primary concern is the potential presence of asbestos in shingles installed before the 1980s. Asbestos, known for its health hazards, requires careful handling and disposal to minimize exposure risks. This issue underscores the importance of the question: can you throw away shingles in the garbage without causing harm?

 Moreover, the presence of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in recycled asphalt shingles raises concerns about health risks and their impact on PAH emissions during recycling. Addressing these issues is crucial for safe and environmentally responsible shingle disposal practices.

The Importance of Proper Shingle Disposal

Proper disposal of shingles is not just an environmental concern but also an economic one. Recycling asphalt shingles into hot mix asphalt offers a sustainable and beneficial solution. This method conserves raw materials, saves landfill space, and may reduce emissions from producing and transporting new asphalt materials.

However, recycling shingles must comply with strict operational and monitoring standards to protect public health and the environment. Regulatory bodies face the challenge of creating regulations and permitting conditions that effectively manage these risks without being overly restrictive. These regulations are crucial to ensuring that the answer to how to dispose of shingles aligns with environmental protection and efficient recycling practices.

Options for Shingle Disposal

You have various options to consider when throwing away old shingles, particularly asphalt shingles. Each method offers unique benefits and should be chosen based on your specific needs, whether you're a homeowner or a contractor.

  1. Recycle at Specialized Facilities: Recycling asphalt shingles is an environmentally friendly option. Facilities dedicated to this process can transform them into new roofing materials or use them in asphalt paving, reducing landfill waste and conserving resources.
  2. Drop-off at Construction and Demolition Recycling Centers: These centers accept various shingle types for recycling. Do a quick search for nearby facilities. This method often proves more cost-effective than other disposal options.
  3. Dispose of at Landfills: If recycling isn't feasible, you can take shingles to a landfill. Ensure you secure the load properly for transportation. Landfill disposal typically costs around $40 per ton.
  4. Consult Local Waste Management: Consult your local waste management authorities for accurate and legal disposal methods. They can guide you on how to dispose of shingles in compliance with local regulations.
  5. Rent a Dumpster: Renting a dumpster is convenient for large-scale shingle disposal. Search for "dumpsters near me" to find a suitable size for your project.
  6. Use Junk Removal Services: If you prefer a hands-off approach, junk removal services can manage your entire disposal process. This method is beneficial if you need help disposing of shingles.

 Throwing away shingles, especially asphalt shingles, demands carefully selecting the most suitable method that balances practical needs with environmental considerations. Whether it involves recycling at specialized centers, using C&D recycling facilities, direct landfill disposal, renting a dumpster, or engaging junk removal services, each option has its distinct benefits.

For those seeking an effortless and effective solution for disposing of substantial shingles, exploring dumpsters to rent is a wise choice. Services like Momentum Dumpsters offer a variety of dumpster sizes and flexible rental terms to fit the scope of your project.

 Ultimately, the effectiveness of your shingle disposal strategy hinges on selecting a method that caters to your project's demands and promotes responsible waste management. With the appropriate plan, you can ensure that your shingle disposal is efficient and eco-friendly.

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